LiveOne Group

LiveOne is a new social media company focused on enhancing the way we consume real-time streamed content — both audio and video. The Company has developed a proprietary interactive platform featuring a unique social-engagement application called CrowdSurfing®. CrowdSurfing elevates the streamed entertainment experience for users to a new level by immersing them in a crowd of friends and fellow fans who have checked-in from around the world to watch or listen to the same live or scheduled streamed event.

CrowdSurfing enables content creators and distributors to transform their sites to rich, social environments while also providing them with gamification, monetization and media enhancement modules that facilitate greater customer affinity, extended user engagement and increased revenue opportunities.

LiveOne’s CrowdSurfing delivers a richer entertainment experience to fans and an enhanced business model to content creators and distributors. It’s why LiveOne believes it will be “Where the World Watches Together.